Our company is known throughout Los Angeles for its roofing expertise, and we have partnered with some of the leading manufacturers in the industry so that we may provide only the best quality products to our clients. We are proud to provide expert work to our customers, and guarantee customer satisfaction. 






Gutters help protect our home by diverting water that may have otherwise caused damage. Unfortunately, gutters are often forgotten by the homeowner, or put off indefinitely. Our team at Main Roofer specializes in repairing and replacing gutters, to ensure the safety of your home. Take a look at your gutters to day, and if you notice leaking, nails sticking out, or pulling away from your roof, give us a call!






Windows are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, so why not have our team install some state of the art windows into your home? We offer a variety of shapes and sizes, with several different security options so that you can have both the beauty and the brains! Call us today to discuss your dream windows, and get a free estimate.






While painting your house is a great way to give it a new look, siding installation offers that new look in addtion to added features! Siding provides your home with better protection from the sun, better insullation, and inhibits outside sounds. Let our team of experts install some new siding for your home, and enjoy the better things in life, like silence and a lower electricity bill.






Skylights are a great way to add interest to any room in your home, by letting natural light in during the day and providing a potentially great view of the stars at night! Main Roofer experts are capable of installing a variety of differently shaped and sized skylights, and are happy to talk to you about the areas you think would benefit from one. Our best-selling opening skylights are a great way to let a breeze in, or to let your bathroom air out!





Your home is as important to us as it is to you, and therefore we have several financing options. We understand that your house is an ongoing investment, and want to allow you the freedom to explore your interests! Call us today for all of our financing options, and apply for yours!